Tahitian Dancer by Menno Simon
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Bailarina tahitiana 1910

Menno Simon

Óleo sobre lienzo original
80 ⨯ 60 cm
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    Tahitian Dancer

    Signed Menno lower right

    Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm


    Menno was a pupil of the “Rijksacademie” in Amsterdam. In 1910 he came to Indonesia where he settled in Medan, Sumatra. During the twelve years he was in the East, he made several trips throughout the Indonesian archipelago and presumably a trip to Tahiti. In 1922 he returned to the Netherlands and settled in Rijswijk. He made the illustrations for an impressive amount of books on Indonesia and published and illustrated some books himself, such as Indische Penkrabbels (Jakarta 1912) and Nederlandsch Indië zoals het was, Menno’s Indische penkrabbels (Rijswijk 1956).

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