French Royal Army  by Hubert-François Gravelot
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Ejército Real Francés 1766

Hubert-François Gravelot

€ 275

Inter-Antiquariaat Mefferdt & De Jonge

  • Sobre la obra de arte

    INFANTRY OF THE FRENCH ROYAL ARMY Copper engravings after Hubert-François Gravelot form the “Planches gravées d’après plusieurs positions dans lesquelles doivent se trouver les Soldats, conformément à l’Odonnance du Roi de l’exercice de l’Infanterie. Du 1er Janvier 1766” [Plates engraved after several positions in which the soldiers must be during the Infantry Exercise of 1 January 1766, in accordance with the King’s Order.]  Published in 1766 by Guillaume de la Haye. Coloured by a later hand. Size (plate two soldiers): 27 x 27,5 cm (frame: 48 x 48,5 cm.). Size (plate four soldiers): 27 x 56,5 cm (frame: 48 x 76 cm.). The French Royal Army (French: “Armée Royale Française”) serving from the mid-17th century until July 1830 was a model for the new regimental system that was to be imitated throughout Europe. It was regarded as Europe’s greatest military force and one of the most powerful armies in the world. The exercise of 1766 took place in a short period of peace for the Kingdom of France, between the end of the Seven Years’ War ending in 1763 and the Anglo-French War beginning in 1778. Price plate with two soldiers: euro 275,- (incl frame) Price plate with four soldiers: euro 395,- (incl frame)

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